Hello and welcome!  My name is Elise Roudebush and I’ve been practicing psychotherapy for over 35 years. I’ve worked in both inpatient and outpatient clinic settings. I've treated children, adolescents, and adults as individuals, couples, families and groups. If you’re reading this now you are probably a client of mine and know me already. I am so grateful to say that my work has been a source of joy, inspiration, growth and profound satisfaction to me throughout these many years. It is a tremendous privilege to sit with you, forging together a path forward, witnessing your courage and resilience, honoring your struggles, and celebrating your successes. You may have seen me moved to tears in the presence of your pain, or in the joy of your accomplishments. Therapy is an amazing, demanding, intimate process, and every hour spent behind that closed door has changed and challenged me as well as you. We’ve grown together. I am the therapist and person I am today because of all the people like you who have let me into your hearts, your minds, and your lives and I thank you.
     This website is intended to serve as a resource. A place where you can find links to information I’ve mentioned in session, get reminders of ideas we’ve discussed, and/or possibly find something else of interest. Feel free to use the Contact Me box to offer your thoughts and suggestions. Like the therapy process itself, it will be something we create together.


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