Common Therapy Topics


More than a situational sadness, clinical depression can leave you not wanting to get out of bed much less engage in your life.  It can disrupt your sleep or appetite and can make you feel hopeless and overwhelmed.  Often the pain is so intense and unremitting it can leave you  desperate to make it end. 





Although some anxiety is essential to keeping you alive and productive, too much anxiety can be disabling.  Sometimes anxiety is vague dread, other times specific can render you unable to leave your home or convince you that you're about to die.  




The loss of a loved one, as well as other important losses, can result in a host of intense and at times conflicting emotions.  Further, new losses can bring up earlier grief, compounding the pain.





When our closest relationships are strained it impacts every part of our life, even our health.  Sometimes we get stuck in painful patterns we can't seem to shake.





Parenting can be the most rewarding and the most challenging of our life's roles.  Many parents at times wonder if they're "doing it right", or worry if their children's behavior is healthy and normal.  


Everyone experiences traumatic events in their lives.  When a situation overwhelms us the experience of fear, paralysis, shame and rage can be stored in our bodies for decades, undermining our physical and mental health.



Life Transitions



Graduation, parenting, retirement, divorce, remarriage...we experience transitions throughout our lives.  Sometimes we can struggle with the changes and adaptations required.





The emotion of anger can give us important   information and help us be assertive.  Yet anger can be overwhelming and difficult to manage, leading us to try to squash it or unable to express it appropriately.





Balancing work, family, health, and recreation can be challenging.  We can find ourselves not enjoying life or feeling successful.